design options in visual composer plugin not available


I am using Visual Composer to layout my pages,  It should have design options tab which allows you to use skin builder.   this is not available  why is this?
I have contacted visual composer team and they have confirmed it should be available.

Why is it not showing? Do i need to enable this somewhere in the betheme



  • Hi I have enabled wp default theme twenty seventeen and the design options appear.  but disappear again when i switch back to betheme. 

    It appears to be blocked by betheme,  how can i enable this with betheme active.
  • Hi,

    which tab you mean is missing? VC version included into package is exactly the same version as provided by plugin's author (except PREMIUM stuff that are included for those who purchased plugin separately) so please send us which tab you mean that is not included into standard plugin version and supposed to be there.
  • hi

    The option that is missing is design options shown in the left hand menu under visual composer see screenshot.

    VC support say It should appear like this:

    however mine is like this: 

    I have also checked my other site that uses betheme and it is the same.

    Missing whenever betheme is  the active theme.

  • In reference to VC license, version bundled into theme must use vc_set_as_theme() function that blocks options available only for "premium customers". So if you bought license of VC individually, please go to Theme options > Addons & Plugins > Premium plugins and check "I have purchased an extra licence on CodeCanyon" next to Visual Composer. After that, tab will be activated. But please remember, if you will choose this options, plugin is not an integral part of the theme and all questions need to be sent to plugin's author.

    However, if you didn't bought separate plugin's license, then you should ask VC team, why they didn't told the the whole truth. For more details about vc_set_as_theme() function, please visit
  • Hi bumping this thread. I purchased a license code for VC and the option is still not showing up. I changed to a default WP theme and it does show up.

    Has there been a fix release?
  • Hi @namanhle91
    Is your theme up to date?
    Please make sure that your theme and all of the plugins have the newest version.

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