Moving site from sub domain to root

I built the website on a subdomain  and would like to move it to the root folder, I know how to do this but am concerned about the image and  include file urls.

whats teh best way to move a site and have all the urls correct at the new location


  • Hi,

    for site migration, we always use 2 plugins and did never had any problems with content or settings migration. Those plugins are: WP Migrate DB and Mfn CB Migration Tool (this is the tool that you are exactly looking for).

  • thanks, i'll try those

  • Hi Can you tell me which process i should follow with these tools, which should i use first.    there doesn't seem to be any joint instructions for using both together.

  • First, use WP Migrate DB to copy the database and all the options, and then use Mfn CB Migration Tool to transfer the site. Don't worry about URL's
  • i'll give that a go thanks

  • Hi  when you say don't worry about the urls - how do you mean in which plugin? do i really need the WP Migrate DB  plugin.

    wouldn't i need to change the urls as it will now be in the root.

    normally to move a site i would 
    1. manually change the site url to root via admin panel
    2. move the site wp files to the root
    3. login to wp admin
    Site is moved, this just leaves a problem with the URL issue. 

    would i then just run the  Mfn CB Migration Tool to fix that?

  • Hi, try to avoid this practice and move websites using plugins, then you will have no problems. You can use this plugin to fix your links

  • hi thanks

    I would prefer to use the plugins - just a bit confused which one i should alter the urls in?
     db migrate or  Mfn CB Migration Tool to fix as both offer to find replace.

    Won't i need to move the physical  file locations anyhow to the root that is my intention i don't wish to have the files located outside the root directory.

    currently it is built in a sub domain /newsite  I want all the core install files and links to be  root located.

    install url  

    wish to move to files and update url links


  • If there is something wrong with the moved site, please move it again and use this plugin:

     Mfn CB Migration Tool will only change the link that are inside the muffin builder.

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