Hw to hanlde Updates with a staging environment

Hi, I have this site www.pontemejoresto.com using your theme (Awesome BTW, your theme I mean) Now, I just established a stage site, that to stop the cowboy coding I have done until today. Since I have two sites identical I have some questions:

1. How do I handle the updates, since there is an API key required for that, can I execute that task in the stage environment and after that deploy to production only copying the files and the DB?
  - I want to know if this is not a violation of the license and if it is, what would be the recommended procedure for this kind of environment (A tasging site and a production site using your theme)
2. Can I have the staging site with the theme even when I only paid for the theme to be used in the  production site? I would say yes and maybe you guys have a recommendation for that.

3- Do you have any preferred or recommended hosting for wordpress that enables these staging environments and the deployments to the production environments?

4- What would happen with the images and urls? Am I going to have to run the queries in the DB to update them when I deploy to prod?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    1) All details about theme update, you can find on http://themes.muffingroup.com/betheme/documentation/#installation (we suggest to update via FTP as it's the safest method).

    2,3) Not sure what you mean exactly. Could you try to explain this?

    4) For site migration, we always use 2 plugins and did never had any problems with content or settings migration. Those plugins are: WP Migrate DB and Mfn CB Migration Tool and they are enough to move site.
  • Hey, Thanks for the response.

    2. I ask this because I bought the Theme for one site, I use it in the staging environment ( the one where I do all the changes, new features and all) and of course the live production site which is www.pontemejoresto.com I an asking if that is a violation of the licence. 

    3. I was only asking if muffingroup has any recommendations on any hosting company for wordpress. 

    Thanks again
  • 2. No, this is not a violation.

    3. We do not want to recommend any hosting company because of obvious reasons (any hosting company may f*** up something and that's why we would like to stay away from things of which we do not have any impact). Most hosting companies has good and bad products (usually depending on prize). So the most important it to choose the right product (not the cheapest one for sure). Few times we had situations where people were trying to blame our product and after further checking we realized they use for example hosting for $1 where the problem was even with WP installation.
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