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Hello, I want to make some changes on the page that shows my latest blog posts and is the landing page when one clicks on the menu button titled "blog". This page already existed when I installed the theme, yet there are no content blocks to edit, i've looked at the Appearance>BeTheme Options>Blog area and I don't see what I'm looking for there either. What I want to do is change the thickness of the frame that surrounds the feature images for each post in the list, as well as remove the header. Please advise


  • Hi,

    Could you please provide us with a link to the page you want to make changes to?
    Also try to send us a screenshot with the elements you want to change/remove marked so we know exactly what to do.

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  • We cannot replace this image with the logo, sorry.
    For the border go to theme options>custom css&js>css and paste this code:

    .image_frame, .wp-caption { border-width:2px; }
    Change the 2px to any width you want, the default was 8px.
    Remember to save changes!

  • So, I'm confused... I can't have a blog header? I can only have one header for every page, I can't customize the header per page? Can you explain what my options are for headers? is it all same header on every page? this seems restrictive, so I must be missing something, because I know muffin builder is all about customization options....
  • My college meant that you can not use featured images as header backgrounds on single posts. This possibility is available for regular pages and to set up header background for such pages, you need to use Featured Image option which is on the right hand side while editing/creating regular pages. But, if you want to set header background for single posts, you need to use custom css.
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