Buy Now Buttons Don't Work

I installed woocoomerce into my betheme site. When i click on a product to go to the specific product page and then click again to buy, the product does not go to my shopping cart. It does not click at all. If anyone has some advice on this matter. Link:

the funny thing is in the main store page if i click a product to buy I can add to cart that way.


Blake C.


  • so i did some playing around. And on my shop page if I have the sidebar on the right, the buttons work.

    If i put the sidebar to the left the buttons do not work.
  • Hi,

    how did you setup shop sidebar on the left side? Because we do not have option to setup sidebar on left. It is only possible to setup it on right. However, if you will tell us how you did it, and will send us url to shop page with sidebar on the left side, we can have a look on it and fix it for you.
  • Thanks. Its fine. I will leave the sidebar on the right.

    I have a BIGGER problem.

    On one of my pages, viewing it on my mac its all of my content. When i compress the page ex: ipad size it goes back to the demo data. Check it out.

    Thanks for the fast response.
  • Please make a screenshot of what you mean because we did what you mentioned and we did not noticed anything like that.
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