Post Categories Not Showing more than 10 categories in Blog Dropdown

Trying to create a blog section that will only display a specific post category that I added to the category list. However, in the "BLOG" and "BLOG NEWS" items within the Muffin Builder, when you select the post category in the drop-down it only shows the first 10 categories. image


  • As an aside, it does not display all post categories on the muffin recent posts widget either.
  • We found the issue was because there were no posts published with that category yet.

    BUT... we feel the dropdown should display all categories anyway regardless. 

    If you would like to fix this, in functions/builder/back.php in the mfn_get_categories function add the argument:

    'hide_empty' => 0

    to the get_categories call. 

    i.e. $categories = get_categories( array( 'taxonomy' => $category, 'hide_empty' => 0  ));
  • Hi,

    this is how this option, supposed to works exactly. This possibility was added on customers requests as they didn't want to display categories, that does not have any posts assigned.

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