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Change Menu ICON

edited March 2017 in Menu / Mega menu

I am searching a way, maybe with CSS, to change MENU BUTTON on Simple header (the one with three lines), with some custom picture. But it seems that this is not a picture at all, am i correct? How to achieve this?

P.S: I saw that actually in ICONs, there is a icon icon-menu-fine. I will be fine with just instructions where is this icons file located, since i cannot find it and just to replace it.


  • Sorry for double post but...Any clue which file is the one that holds icons? I cannot find anything in theme files. These icon pictures must be packed somewhere?
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  • edited March 2017
    Aha...Since my knowledge in css is very minimal, how can just switch image? I will prepare new image that i want for icon with same resolution, in .png i guess (?). How to "define" it and where as a class, and then to put it there?

    The image icon is icon-menu-fine. What to write to switch it with my custom image, that i will upload somewhere on the server? Can you provide me such support? Thanks in advance.

    I tried this <i class="home" src=""></i>

    But i get only black square and i think is not correct.
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  • edited March 2017
    Yes, now is working. Thanks you!!
    But i have small issue. On all pages "height: 35px" as style works fine, except SHOP and CART page. I guess there is some other settings for them in templates.

    Can you help me with css selector for them to put !important of height? Or if you suggest other way to adjust height of the icon.

    .responsive-menu-toggle .home { height: 100px !important;}

    is not working.

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  • edited March 2017
    It seems that is working only half, for the height.

    It turns out that proper selector is this one:

    .responsive-menu-toggle > span:nth-child(1) { height: 45px !important;
     width: 45px !important;

    Thanks for the hint where to look.
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  • edited January 16
    Hello again,

    I finnaly decided to update theme to latest version and wordpress also, but, my menu icon not seems to be transparent for some reason...The code in theme options>responsive>header is the same, icon picture is there, NOTHING was changed except update wordpress and Betheme.... Did you guys change some classes or something like that? I cant find reason why is not working. when i remove code in Button|Text field menu icon is visible, but its not that one that i want?

    I know that my support was expired, but i need help only with this, i didnt change anything. Thanks in advance!

    The site is
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  • This one:

    All CSS code related to menu icon in custom CSS is this:

    .responsive-menu-toggle.home { height: 45px !important;
    .responsive-menu-toggle > span:nth-child(1) { height: 55px !important;
     width: 55px !important;

    If this is because of this HTML tags, how to achieve this again? This picture to be as a menu button?

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  • "leave the simply text there"

    Which text? By default it is empty i think? I mean is there other way to display picture for menu button with this option?
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