update when buy on themeforest


i bought be theme on them forest.

i always receive mail :

"... We'd like to let you know that an update to your item
BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme by muffingroup is now available in your Downloads page. ..."

Do i have to download manually or be theme in wordpress is updated automatically



  • Hey,

     we do not have auto-update included because it's not so stable and safe as manual or FTP updates. When you do the update yourself, you have better control on what is happening and if all files have been transferred properly. During the auto-updates, you do not have such control and that’s why such update process may bring more harm than good. We have used it for a while in the past but we found it’s not safe enough and that’s why we decided to remove it. However, if you do not care about this too much and still would like to have an auto-update, please use WP Envato Market plugin.

     Thanks :)
  • ok so how can i update as manual ?
  • Here you can read more about it
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