Article box


when i add article box, it doesn't have a section for me to add content? 


  • Also i can't seem to edit the demo data? I'm finding it incredibly frustrating, i'm not new to wordpress either, but really struggling this this theme at the moment. 
  • Hi.

    I just found out that I have the same problem.

    I can only change Image,Slogan, Title, Link, Open in new window and Animation.
    I´m missing Content and Link title, I can also only have three article boxes on one line instead of four.
    I´m comparing to the youtoube video (Muffin Builder 2.0 [Rocco WP Theme]) where this is possible.

    Hope somebody answer fast because I´m also struggling.

  • Hi,

    this is how "Article box" item works. As you see at this item does not have any content section.

    @artpeople If you are not able to edit content, then you must increase max_input_vars variable on server side because you probably have 1000 as default while it should be 10000 or even more. This is the reason why you are not able to save more content.
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