Boxed layout


I want to make our website to look like this one:

basically i want the content areas and side bars to  appear floating like that and also want to give them round edges. also want website background color to be blue but content areas to be white as seen on the above website.

what could be the custom css code and for which header style should i apply it.



  • im using the latest version of betheme, installed freshly today
    i noticed content boxes can have a background color
    but how to do that to widgets
    and still need css code for rounded corners
  • Hi,

    the website you showed above is not created within Be theme and we are not sure if it is possible to create exactly the same website as it needs many css changes. At first you should start with options and settings included into theme, like content, sidebars, bg colors and after that you can think about css customizations.
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