Be Theme - Comprehensive Google Map Plugin conflict

Good morning Y'all,

I'm currently having an issue "Comprehensive Google Map Plugin" and I'll most positive it something with the Be theme. I have done the: plugin and theme on/off test- and the "Comprehensive Google Map Plugin" works with everything on and in a different theme - Twenty Twelve. Just not with the Be theme active.

Just taking a stab, but I think it has something to do with the Muffin builder Map shortcode?

Any insight in this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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    ^ Scratch that... found a work around

    To get the shortcode for the map to appear - place the code IN the WP content area.

    THEN in the Muffin builder add the WP content area and you'll be gold (Haven't tested in the VC).
  • Hi,

    your workaround is fine of course but it should be also possible to put the same code into "Column" item which is especially for those kind of needs.
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