image link question

So I have a made a BNE flyout. It has been given the name flyout-trigger-id-4458  by the plugin.
The only useful documentation on the page it has states this: 

This class name allows you use any html element 

 (link, image, menu item, etc) on your page to trigger this flyout.

Classname: flyout-trigger-id-4458


<a href="#" class="flyout-trigger-id-4458">Click Me!</a>
<img src="url_to_my_image.jpg" class=“flyout-trigger-id-4458”/>

In the muffin builder LINK box I would reference the flyout-trigger-id-4458??

href="#" class="flyout-trigger-id-4458" didn't work
Since it has no shortcode, only classname, its not so straightforward.

I understand its not your plugin, and I understand it is not your problem. BUT I am using it in concert with your muffin plugin fields.  

What I am asking is what might be put in the LINK field if you were presented wit this problem?
Would you put his somewhere else? 
Use another muffin section to accomplish this?

Any help would be appreciated



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