Betheme - testimonial slider not showing

Hi there , 

For some reason the testimonial slider doesn't work or show the testimonials themselves. 
However , The Testimonial list module - DOES work . 
I have looked for JS problems, I have turned on and off certain elements in Revolution slider - fearing there might be a conflict.
Nothing, just nothing.
Is there a way to update only this module`s files ? (through ftp) ?



  • Hi,

    Could you please provide us with a link to your page? Also try to attach a screenshot, and more detailed info would be appreciated.

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    I'm having the same issue. Here are screenshots of the live site (slider is working) and the staging site where I made the theme update (no slider).

    Before update -*url removed*

    After update - *url removed*
  • Please disable all plugins and lets us know if it helped.
    Also please attach a phpinfo link, this could be the server, since it was working on another one.

    please go to theme folder, create php file with phpinfo() function inside and send us link to that file so we can have a look on your server settings. The problem is probably related to limits but to be sure which one is the reason, we need that link. For more details about file creation, please visit


  • I disabled all plugins and the testimonials slider still doesn't work. I've created a phpinfo.php file but am not sure where to put it so I can send a link. Parent theme? Child theme? I've tried numerous places but am not sure how to send you a link to the file. Like this???

    Please advise. Seems odd that a php limit would cause the slider to stop working if it worked just fine before the theme update.
  • You put the file in the main FTP directory,
    so the line should be like
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    Here's the file but it's not generating anything: 

    *url removed*

    I used this code as shown in the link you provided:


    // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL


  • Please follow the video that was included in the instruction I gave you, this is important, we cannot resolve this issue without this file.
    There must be something wron with it since I cannot see any code.
  • the testimonial slider doesn't work or show the testimonials themselves. 

  • Hi @webx555,

    This topic is an old one, and your message does not tell me much, unfortunately.

    Please create a new discussion, attach a link to your website, describe what exactly your problem is, and if it is possible attach screenshots showing your problem.


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