On Portfolio page the images show title/category instead of the magnifying glass and link icon

On the portfolio, instead of a magnifying glass and a link symbol, I'd like to have a the Item title and it's category and clicking this brings you to the Item page. 


  • Hi,

    in Theme options > Getting started > Portfolio section, we have option called "Hover title". If you will turn this option ON, will be replaced but portfolio item title and this is the only option we have. Hope this will help you a lot :)
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    could I insert some code into the file that outputs the masonry element to include the category beneath the title? If so, can you tell me what file that would be. And maybe the code would be this: (the_category( $separator, $parents, $post_id );
  • No, this is unfortunately not possible. And please remember that we do not offer any files modifications and even do not recommend it because after you are not allowed to make theme updates.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • but can't I just put those modified files into a child theme? 
  • You can but please remember that we are not responsible for modified themes if something will not work properly.
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