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Hi, in BeTheme Options - Colors -> General -> Body background its possible set only RGB color. In this option could be a RGBA color , transparent option.
And my quiestion at this moment - its there any hack for remove background color, that is around main content area? I would like remove black background completely here, after remove background should be visible only presentation image of page (image as background) , or presentation image is only for header part ?


  • Hi,

    as we see you mean wrapper section probably. We probably know what you probably want to do but it does not work as you think. The way by you can do it is a little bit different. At first please go to Theme options > Layout > General and setup image from header setup as Background Image. Then in Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section please paste below css and you will get what you need:
    #Wrapper { background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); }
    body:not(.template-slider) #Header { background: none !important; }
  • Thanks for suggestion and quick reply! I make my own hack, with css way, because I need different backgrounds on every parrent page.
  • Ok then. We thought that you want it the same for all pages. But above solution is the best and easiest if you want to make it the same for all pages. Thanks for the info anyway! We're glad you found your own way ;)
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