WooCommerce Using Category Image as Product Image (Set Featured Image)

We are using BeTheme and are loading over 6000 domain names into WooCommere.  At this time we can not create 6,000 unique product images for each domain.  We would like to know how we can have BeTheme or WooCommerce call the image of the category each time the product image would show in all the size ranges required.  We tried importing 6,000 domains with direct links to an image folder for 33 categories and it worked, but it created 22 sizes of each image 6,000 times, even if it had already loaded that category image.  It would just add a 1 and create a whole new image again.  We wound up with 250,000 images on the server and that didn't work for us.  So if we could some how instruct BeTheme/WooCommerce to just call the category image of each product in place of the standard featured product image, that would solve the problem.  Could you help us in this matter or suggest a plugin for this please?


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