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Boxed Layout with Footer

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have BeTheme installed with the theme set to a Boxed Layout. Everything is working fine though I cant find an option for the Boxed Layout to continue through to the footer.

A work around is to set the footers width and margin auto in css but this will then stuff it up across mobile devices.

I assume you have a 1 button on/off for this somewhere?


  • Hi,

    if you activated "Boxed layout" in Theme options > Layout > General section then of course it should be activated for whole website. But if something is wrong with footer after that, then please send us url to your website and we'll have a look on it.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes Boxed Layout is activated in admin which activates everything except the footer.

    Please see the following site

    Note as mentioned I was going to try a css work around with setting width and margin to auto but that doesn't help with mobile devices.

    Look forward to your reply.
  • Please open your website in Firefox html mode (CTRL+U) and check how many html errors you got. Please fix them first and all should be fine.
  • I dont have any errors
  • Note this is only happening on the home page so I assume there is something within the page overiding the base to use the full width footer.

    The original theme was based on BeTheme travel. Is there some extra hidden css that comes with this theme hidden away somewhere possibly?
  • Are you sure that we are checking the same website? Because we see errors
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