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Main Retina Logo displayed half-size when a page is refreshed and scrolled down on Macbook Retina

Hi, I have a weird issue that has happened on several websites built with Betheme and on several retina computers. Usually, the retina logo displays just fine:

But for some reason, when I scroll down and the sticky logo appears, if I refresh the page and then scroll up to the top, the logo suddenly displays only half it size:

I wonder if it could be a javascript error. If I am not wrong, this problem only occurs when the page is scrolled and the sticky bar is activated (so if I refresh the page after scrolling down or if I click a link sending me to a section lower on a page, etc).

Also, the issue occurs when using Firefox, Chrome, Opera. I also tested it on Safari but the problem doesn't appear, mainly I think because Safari doesn't seem to "memorize" the scroll position. Instead, when refreshed, the page automatically displays from the top instead of reloading the scroll position.

Have you witnessed the same problem? And would you know how to fix this? Maybe this could be something to fix for the next update?

Here's a link to the temporary website if you want to check the issue:

Thanks for your attention!


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  • Hello again,

    Thank you for your quick reply. I've just deactivated all plugins and there is no change at all. 
    The logo was uploaded in normal and retina size (@2x).

    Do you want a video to see what happens? It can be complicated to imagine especially if you don't have a retina computer. But I have tested it in many retina computers and the same problem always appears.

    I've just checked if it was a problem of configuration (something I had done wrong in every site where it happens) but while browsing your demos, I saw that it also occurs there. For example, on the demo Barber2, if I refresh the page when the page is scrolled to, say, the part that says "We cut like pros", and then when the page is refreshed and the scroll position maintained, I scroll up to the top of the page and the logo appears really small. But if I refresh the page when the scroll position is at the top of the page, the retina logo loads just fine. 

    I have no idea what is causing this, but what I'm sure of is that it happens on the all three retina computers i've tested it on, in chrome + opera + firefox (not tested on internet explorer), and that it occurs everytime I do the manipulation described above.

    It's not a huge problem but it can give a not-so-nice result for retina users visiting the site.

    Thanks for your time :)
  • Sorry for the double post: here's the print screen of my logos:

    And here is the result of the small logo on the demo BeBarber2:

    And even more visible, with the demo Pets:

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  • edited April 2017
    Thanks but it seems quite useless to me, since I told you this also happens on Betheme's official demos. Looks like a general issue to me, could you check it and maybe provide a fix in your next update? 

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Do you have solved the problem? I've the same problem too. Betheme 20.8.4
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