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Mobile Responsive Issues

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have a few responsive issues that we would like some assistance on.

All responsive areas of the website are turned on and test site can be seen here..

1. Menu on 1024 Pixel wide sites (Laptops etc)

The menu is showing the dropdown like it would on mobile devices, we believe this should be the same as all other desktop devices with full menu. Where can we turn this on or which css to change without having to redo on every theme update.

2. Slider area on 768-900 Pixel wide sites (Using Travel Theme)

We would like the div to drop down on desktop sites like it does for all mobile sites. This front page was made from a version of the BeTheme travel theme that appears to have the same problem when you get too much text

3. Menu is not showing correctly at all on any devices under 600pixels with the 3bar menu showing all over the place.


  • 4. We would also like columns to start dropping down from 900px and below (just like it does at 600px_ as well as soon as you get 3+ columns they all start bunching up
  • Hi,


    2. This is unfortunately not possible.

    3. As we see, menu shows on the left side and looks fine so we do not understand question.

    4. This is also not possible unfortunately.
  • Thank you very much for the reply, please see below.

    1. Thankyou will sort this out.

    2. Wyy is this not possible when you do it already from 600px down? wouldnt we just be able to change the media queries somewhere to start at higher dimensions?

    3. It does not look fine at smaller resolutions, try 600px etc.

    4. Ok point taken but this stuffs up any theme that wants 3 columns using
    the page builder, so im sure alot will experience this issue. Something
    to look into as a bug fix in future.
  • 2. Yes, it is not possible at this moment. If you want, you can try to play with own media queries but as far as w know it won't work as it needs some other customizations as well.

    3. This is sticky mobile menu and this is how it exactly works. Is always sticky to the left side. If you don't like it, then deactivate sticky mobile menu.

    4. Ok.
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