I cannot view the custom shopping sidebar on my Woo Commerce shop page

Have used the page options to set sidebar to the right. I made a custom sidebar in the theme options and then I have assigned it to the page (using page options menu). For some reason it does not work. It makes the content area as if there was a right sidebar there but I can't see the sidebar content at all.

I tested the sidebar out on another page and it worked fine. Is there any solution to this? It looks like a woo commerce override.


  • Hi,

    WooCommerce sidebar is available as default after WooCommerce plugin installation and you don't need to create anything. This is probably the reason why it does not work for you. After plugin installation, you must go to Appearance > Widgets section, and drag&drop right widgets into Plugin | WooCommerce sidebar.
  • Wow! yeah that nailed it. Kicking myself that I did not see that before. When it said it was "Plugin | Woo commerce" I didn't recognise it as a sidebar. Perhaps a more descriptive title would be good for air heads like me lol....
  • We'll consider it but this sidebar always comes automatically with WooCommerce installation. This is default woocommerce option so we thought this is clear :) However we'll consider it.
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