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Is it possible to add a new css "class name" to each section or column or item in a section like you can do in the visual composer?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hey,

    Visual Composer do not have the same options as our Muffin Builder have, so you must play with simple html tag instead. For title or content inside VC items, please use something like below:
    <span class="class-name">this is my title</span>
  • Thank you but to be more specific, I've built a site using the Muffin Builder. I'm wanting to add "extra class name" or inline css code to a local on-page element; so this style info is only applied to this particular column element and not to other elements in this class. 

    e.g. When creating a new column, on a new page, inserting the gravity form, and adding adding css #gform_1
    padding-top: -50px; it has an effect on the other pages where this Gravity Form is being used. 

    Is there a way to add an extra class name or css to a particular item using Muffin Builder, whereas its only applied to this particular column element and not to other elements in this class throughout the whole site?

    Thanks in advance!

  • It is not possible to add extra class name or css for particular item, but you can add extra class for section and then catch this item via section extra class name.
  • Please advise on how that would be great!
  • So for example, if I were to create a new section and then in the custom css classes create a new class name for my section: 


    I could then move to Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS and write my own style here like so?

    .my-own-custom-one-third-colum  { margin: 30 px; padding: 20 px; etc...} 

    and it won't have any affect on other elements in the page or throughout the theme that has this class name for example? 


  • Exactly something like that but you must also catch css for the right item inside section. To learn how to do it, please take a look into doc http://themes.muffingroup.com/betheme/documentation/#theme-customizations
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