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How to add image to the bottom

I put an image to a section but it cannot be to the bottom of the section ( always come with margin ) Please let me know how to make that margin = 0 and make the image look like what I wanted

Best Regards -> Here is the screenshot

What I made ?

I put two 50% blocks image and 50% block text

and also config the section like this

Please let me know how can I solve this problem ?


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    We are sure that we described exactly the same thing but we can`t find it at this moment so probably it was on private message. So please send us access to your wp dashboard on pm with link to this topic so we can know what for is access and we`ll make if for you and then we`ll describe solution for that in this topic as well so users in the future can know how to make things like this one :)

    Thanks for understanding!

    EDITED!!! We already found solution for that thing. We did it for other users and of course this has been tested and works :) Below we`ll re-paste what we did:

    At first please take a look on this image
    - you pasted css in this section. This section is for class name only
    but custom css must be pasted in Custom CSS section only. So in this
    section you should type class name, ex: section-without-margins what we
    already did and then in Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS
    section we used below css:
    .section-without-margins .column, .section-without-margins .columns { margin: 13px 1% 0px; }
    .section-without-margins .icon_box { padding: 0; }
    .section-without-margins .icon_box .image_wrapper { margin-bottom: 0; line-height: 0; }
    you can see, now only this section doesn`t have margins and paddings.
    The similar things you must do for all elements or sections where you
    don`t want margins or paddings.

    Hope this will help a lot ;)
  • thank you, we have fixed the problem. I hope that you will include this function in future release, because in the theme you can choose easily the bottom for "blocks" and a config box for the bottom of " object " would be very possible.

    Thanks again, I have also another difficulties and will let you know in other topic.

    Thanks for your help :)
  • You're welcome!

    BTW Of course this possibility will be added with future updates :)
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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü