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Full Width Div

Under the slideshow it has a full width div with nice bg with content starting How We Work

How can I reproduce that?

My attempt is at

As you can see the div doesn't run the full width :(

Please advise :)


  • Hi,

    this section is not full width because you did used "Full width" style for section. More details about section settings you can check in the doc
  • how do i create a new section within a page?
  • I can't drag a section into the page structure

    How do I add a row into a section? or 4 columns? lol this is frustrating learning a new theme i was a master of enfold and now starting like a novice on vc
  • I've figured it out I think. I've created a new page layout and added elements and defined its styles okay. Look at

    I am attemptign to recreate the same bar as in your plumber theme. But for some strange reason padding top has no effect? I can put 40, 150 etc it does nothing and this is resulting in text being flush to the bottom of the rev slider. Can you advise what I am doing wrong here?

    Secondly what elements shall I use to recreate the image and h4 tags like in the example. Is there an option for raw html code?
  • To be honest much better will be if you will switch to other hosting that us wordpress ready if current administrator is not able to help because it will took ages to re-create this demo. You already started and we noticed that you have lot's of errors in html. Please open your website in Firefox html mode (CTRL+U) and check how many html errors you got.
  • hmm that ctrl + u just shows my source code?

    Not being funny but how am I making html errors using purely the visual composer? Loads? Really?

    Look at the attached screenshot I've not exactly got loads going on.
    Can't you just tell me exactly why the padding has no effect?  And if it is due to a html error can you advise what error. As from my point of view I am using the theme as its intended to be used. Love the betheme vet by the way its awsome :)

    Can you provide a detailed answer specially as to what I have done wrong with padding
  • The padding problems are related with your errors. And maybe it's funny but we can't be responsible for your errors. If you will have a look on our demos, you will see that our theme is our of any html errors. You build your website and only you are responsible for content and mistakes. And as we mentioned, padding should disappear when page will be out of errors because we do not have anything else wrong.
  • Hi that is an answer you can tell anyone who complains a feature isn't working. Why can't you be precise in your response?

    What error is causing your theme functionality to fail? As far as I am concerned I am filling in a theme option. And it is failing. This has never happened with any theme I have used before. I'd appreciate a bit of a better attitude when dealing with my support. I am asking you with respect and expect a level of respect back.

    If you worked for me dealing with my support requests I wouldn't be happy. Try and go above and beyond in order to grow as a business. I can refer your theme to friends of mine who are also in the industry. In my line of work I get referrals because I go  above and beyond. Help me out please I am your customer who has paid you for your product.
  • edited January 2015
    Sorry but we do not have anything to say in this case because we see that you don't understand anything. We told you above many times that those errors are on your side and unfortunately we won't fix your errors. If you are not happy then sorry but we can't do anything else in this case. You can hire developer and he will tell you the same as we do (that problem is on your side only because of what you did so far).
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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü