Woocommerce Product Tabs


how can we change the woocommerce_product_tabs "accordion" to "tabs"?
The problem is, that we have very long descriptions, so the accordion is not the best solution.

Are we here right? And what we have to change?

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  • Hi,

    this is not possible. The only thing you can do is move accordion under the image and this can be done in Theme options > Getting started > Shop section where we added option to change single product page layout.
  • It's possible and it's working. You just have to use the standard tabs.php from the woocommerce folder to oyur child theme and just add the class of the be tabs. That's it. :-)

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  • Yes, but then we are not responsible for theme because we can't be responsible for users modifications. Also after files modifications you are not able to update theme to newest versions. But if it is fine for you then ok.

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