Change the color or remove the box under blog post masonry layout

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We want to get rid of everything but the title on masonry here:

Also is it possible to change the color of the box the title is in, make it transparent, or only have an image with out any text unless you hover?

Another question, is it possible to only change the color of the title in these boxes without changing the color that is connected to the H value elsewhere.


  • Hi,

    at 1st please do something with your website because does not work. All we see is "500 Internal Server" error. Also we do not understand what you mean to get rid of everything? Sorry but this is weird question to remove everything from page. We need more details about what you exactly need.
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    Sorry for clarification. In the masonry blog layout where the posts loads under each image is the text (author, date created, title, etc) inside of a box. We want to set the box to transparent, or remove the box all together and just have the title displayed over the image on hover. If this is not possible im sure we can get around this by changing the color but the default color is white with grey for the section where "read more" is placed.

    Also, we would like to adjust the color of the title inside the box with out it affecting the other "h2"
  • Ok. So to make this background transparent, you need to use below css with right RGBA color:
    .masonry .post-desc-wrapper { background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3); }
    But to change title color, please use below one:
    .post-desc .post-title h2 a { color: #000; }
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