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How to remove Revolution Slider?

I searched the forum, but I did not find the answer.
I want to remove the revolution slider from the whole template.
Please help.


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  • Ok, this clear - but when I deactivated the plugin - on homepage I've got information about missing slider.
    In options of homepage - there is any slider, in general/advanced - also
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  • thanks, I did not mean it, but it's better.
    I wanted to remove the slider from the code so that the browser was not looking for it
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  • I want to change slider, i just want to use a photograph, how can I do that?

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  • "Edit the page and under the muffin builder choose no slider."

    That does not work form me. When click in Update button, WP puts back the previously entered slider.

    What should i do?
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    Hi Pablo,

    disable all plugins? Is that the solution? Do you have any idea of what plugin could cause this problem?


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  • Hi Bryan,

    We have changed the value in the php.ini file to 5000 (verified with but Be Theme's System Status still shows 1000.   

    Does it take time to updating values?

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  • Pablo: They've changed it. Did you verify it in the phpinfo?
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  • Hi Bryan,

    following your orders, i have had a chat session with bluehost (my hosting provider) and, after 45 minutes, they told me that the values are now updated in the server.

    But in wordress still appears 1000.

    They've said that:

    "That must be the issue with some code or script, the php values are already updated on our server."

    What now? Seems weird that a simple change in the page's properties gives so many problems.

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  • Well Bryan, that "not very professional answer" could be interpreted just like what yourselves had given to me initially: "deactivate all the plugins" before updating media. It's just like to say "we really do not know where the issue is" (or that's not our problem).

    Seems, in fact, incredible that your solution is to "suggest to change hosting company" just because the theme, actually, does not work properly. Few months ago (february, march) i was able to perform changes (adding items) to that page with the same hosting with no problems. It's that Hosting provider's fault?

    so, should i understand from your last answer that you won't give me any help nor idea to solve this issue? 

    should i downgrade the theme in order to recover what i had few months ago?

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    In case someone gets the same issue: solution in my case was to create an user.ini file my domain's directory with the values:

    max_execution_time = 300
    max_input_time = 300
    max_input_vars = 5000

    Thanks Muffin "Support" (although you didn't give me any solution beyond changing hosting company).
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    No, Bryan, Hosting company worked on php.ini and, just like i've told you, the php info gave the correct value.

    What nobody seemed to know is that it was required to create that user.ini file. That solution, since noone gaves any idea, was found by my self (Google).

    Certainly they (Hosting company) did the changes you asked for but didn't know about the user.ini thing.

    In any case, i hope, theme is working right now.


  • Is it possible to remove all the bundled plugins? Is there a plain vanilla version of BeTheme? Without Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. I much prefer the Muffin Builder.
  • I remember sometime ago you had a version with no plugins. What happened to that? Are you no longer supplying that in your package?
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