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Is it allowed to use the same licence for the same web page to develop page local and on line...

many thanks..!


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  • I was going to post the same question so was awaiting your response to this thread.  I have to say it's very disappointing that there's no way to have a separate dev subdomain just to test functions or see how something was created in a demo.
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  • edited July 2017
    Thanks for the response.

    Of course I appreciate why such a function was introduced, but surely you can see how inconvenient and restrictive that is for us genuine users?

    Obviously I'd like my main site to be registered, but then I can't use the demo data on a subdomain to see how areas of the demo sites were put together. Is there no way at all for us to do this?

    Perhaps in the future Betheme could be registered on 2 sites, as I'm sure many have a Dev site (online like me or offline like imagine_doo above) alongside their live site? Of course it wouldn't be a perfect solution, but perhaps it would be acceptable middle ground.

    Regards, Gav
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  • Hi,

    What I meant was that it is inconvenient to us we aren't able to use a site for testing or looking to see how demo pages are set up without buying 2 licenses - and I flat out refuse to buy 2 licenses just so that I can have 1 live site and 1 test site - that is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

    None of the other big themes that I use (and I use 4 of the top 8 TF themes) have this limitation, even those which include license activation in the theme - yours is the only one in my experience which won't let you activate without first deactivating an existing site.

    Like I say, I appreciate why you feel the need to do this, but it won't stop people pirating your theme, it only serves to limit us genuine buyers by having to test site updates on a live site!
  • Good day,

    I have just purchased my second BeTheme to use on our site.
    The site was verified but then had to reinstall Wordpress, now wanting to verify the site again error msg appears
    "Purchase code already used. Please deregister purchase code and remove theme folder on:

    It is the same domain so not sure why it has to be deregistered.
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  • edited July 2017
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  • I have read some of your comments on other posts:
    "Sorry, please go back to your previous hosting and deregister the theme, if you have deleted it, ask your hosting providers for a backup."

    I do not have a back up of the database where the code was registered:
    Backup before redesigning our site, tried to use our old wordpress database and add Betheme over it, decided to rather start over, trashed it and installed new wordpress. I have the old database before the purchase code and the new clean database.

    Please inform if a manual deregistration can be done.
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  • Hi,

    I don't like the new licence policy at all. I buy licences (5 for BeTheme) and don't steal software - I don't like statements were the good guys have to pay for the bad ones - and I don't like lumping us all together without distinction.

    Also your statement "unlimited websites on one license using subdomains or subdirectories" is wrong!
    We need a WP MultiSite installation - that's the only way to use the licence with multiple subdomains.
    I changed the setup of 4 staging websites because of this statement - the work was useless. Thanks.

    I was very satisfied with the theme - but I think I have to look for an alternative.

    Very frustrating.

  • p.s.: that the theme refuses to take the licence on a second subdomain (if I'm not using a MultiSite SetUp) is breaking the licence terms of ThemeForest - see the FAQ: 

    "Do I need to buy a new license each time I create a landing page within my site using a landing page template?

    As long as it's all on the same domain, a single license is fine."

  • Hi,

    since there came no response and IMHO BeTheme is violating the terms of the Envato market, I will contact them about this and ask for help there.

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  • The FAQs are there to help me understand the terms & conditions I think - aren't they? Are you telling us that the FAQs contradict the terms?

    IMHO opinion you react a little bit to harsch against your customers. First you put me into the bucket of others "stealing our theme" - I bought 6 BeTheme licences already. Second you threaten users with "permanent ban in the future". Please that's not helpful at all.

    Don't you think a bit more kindly communications would help both of us?

    You yourself stated here in this thread: "you can make unlimited websites on one license using subdomains or subdirectories. This is for people who develop."

    I'm asking for that. Non-public subdomains with close to zero traffic. Whenever a project goes live - for sure I will buy an additional licence.

    The only thing I ask for - please do what you promised us: allow us to use one licence for several subdomains and don't limit this feature in a footnote to a MultiSite installation only.



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  • Hi and again thanks for the answer!

    "You can make unlimited websites using subdomain but for one domain and one project" - that's what I would like to do. Nothing else.

    I do like your prior statement even more: "you can make unlimited websites on one license using subdomains or subdirectories. This is for people who develop."

    So - how can I achieve this without having to run a WP multisite installation?

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  • Thanks for the clarification - so this statement of yours is wrong: "you can make unlimited websites on one license using subdomains or subdirectories. This is for people who develop"

    The only solution with BeTheme version >= 20 is to develop on a localhost setup. It is not possible to use BeTheme with a single licence on several subdomains - even if they belong to one project.

    You should add this statement to your website since this is different to all other pro themes I know. Just to make sure that a developers knows: with BeTheme he needs two licences - one for the live site, one for the test/dev site.

    What I wanted: have a live site with traffic build for a customer at And I would add a second separated instance of WP with a copy of the same site under There would be no traffic on - it would be used to test updates and new developments only.
    This is only possible with BeTheme if I would have to bought two licences.

    Thanks for you quick answer. Since I still believe your licence policy doesn't fit to the terms of Envato I will ask them for a statement too.
  • Surely this isn't right?  I asked Envato and got this in response:

    MY QUESTION: I have a couple of themes at the moment, (none on 'live' sites). As part of testing/demonstrating to the clients I may wish to demonstrate a theme I have only one licence for, but on a test subdomain, child to the licenced install subdomain. If testing/demonstration is successful, then a [another] full licence will obviously be purchased [and transferred to the client]- but is this even allowed under the licence terms?

    ENVATO RESPONSE: License-wise it's totally fine to use the item on a test domain before going live. Technical-wise it's better to double check this with the author in case the implemented some security protocols.


    So, can someone from Muffin support please clarify which it is?  (in your opinion) Can we use test subdomains of a licenced domain as per the Envato licence agreement and their subsequent email confirmation or will you ban us?

    I must say, I often find some of your comments (not just in this thread) to paying customers so extremely rude sometimes, it blows my mind.

  • Hi together,

    I found for the licensing now different answers. So in Themeforest the say you can use the licence also for the subdomains.

    Of course for each customer/project you have to buy a single licence. This is fair for all sides.

    At the moment I have a customer who wants to work with landingpages in subdomains.
    his Website was created wit Be|theme and he is happy with that.

    He plans now over 50 Subdomains with a single landingpage for his Produkts.
    And other 20 Subdomains for his sales Partners 
    Did we have to buy now 70 licences for this Projekt?
    Here we have one customer with one company.
    The price what I have to tell him is in no relevance 

    I know that it is possible to check if this a subdomain from the main licence.
    Is here any solution planed for this kind of customers?

    Thanks for your Feedback.

  • Another question:

    For freelancers and agencies that have multiple clients. Is the option to purchase a new regular licence each time? Is it possible instead to pay a higher fee for a bulk/unlimited licence?
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