Duplicate menu item

Thank you for your support

After i installed BeTheme Theme, i get duplicate menu like the follow screenshot:


I suspect this error is cause by me clicking 2-3 times after installing the demo as i thought system hangs as it is blank after follow step-by-step to recreate demo page.

When i access my webpage www.nicoleconsultancy.com, i got the follow error:


I also get another error

"Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias homepage not found.: Please advise how i should resolve this error.

Do i have to reinstall the whole theme again?

I have also received notification for new version of Betheme theme, how should it update it?

If you need any clarification, you can contact me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance.

Jonathan Lai


  • Hi,

    yes, you must re-install theme on fresh wordpress installation with completely clean database. And please do not install it several times because after each installation, menu items are coming again and that's why are duplicated. But about slider item you should look at http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/15/how-to-import-revolution-slider-into-be-theme where we explained how to properly import slider.
  • Appreciate if you can elaborate what you mean my completely clean database? Do you mean that i have to reinstall wordpress again and the other plugin again? How about my existing data if there is?
  • I have delete and reinstall a fast wordpress installation with a completely clean database and re-install Betheme theme. However, when i follow the step-by-step instruction to  install the demo:

    After doing step 1, i only got the follow
    http://screencast.com/t/fryQJbiX and i click import demo data. After wait for more than 10 minutes, it kind of stabalise and still return a black screen, no indication of any sort that it has completed.

    After doing step 2, i got the following screenshot, in revolution-slider-demo/demos/medic.zip

    When preview, http://screencast.com/t/O7KCvfMjx3g

    How do i check if the demo has been uploaded properly?

    How can i resolved this issue?

    Jonathan Lai

  • So please do not install ALL with media files, or just choose one of the demos because your server is limited and that's why you are not able to import everything. Have you seed how many demos and images we have on our demo? We do this theme since over year so there is hundred of graphics and you try to upload them with what you do. Can you imagine how server must be good to handle it? So or do not choose "Import attachments" option or just do not upload ALL and choose one of the demos instead.

    Your demo hasn't been imported because you don't have anything on page. No pages, posts and other stuff exist in dashboard for sure.
  • Thank you for your advice. How do we resolve this issue? Do we reinstall a fresh wordpress again?
    I noticed that the menu items still exist after i delete it from the menu, even thru i delete the cache in the browser. Pls advise.
  • Yes, you must install everything on fresh wordpress installation with completely clean database.
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