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How to create own menus?

Menu creation is working as in default Wordpress.

To add your own menu go to Appearance > Menus, type Name for your menu and click Create Menu. In next step in section Theme Locations for position Main menu you need to choose menu that you’ve just created.

Now you can add Pages, Posts and Custom Links from blocks located on the left. At the end you need to save by click on Save Menu.

On left you have got Theme locations > Main Menu and choose menu that you already created.

For more info about default menu creation please go to


  • I have created the menu and it works fine in full screen, but when reduced responsively, the menu disappears. When I refresh at that same display size, the menu still does not appear. I have responsive menu selected "on" in the theme settings. 

    No mobile menu icon appears and I have no menu under small screen sizes
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  • @muffingroup

    There seems to be glitch in the menu whenever I tried uploading demo menus.

    The "Pages" menu runs short of the pages. And each time I save after adding or adjust pages under this mega menu, the "Main Menu" under Manage Location gets unchecked.
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  • I have this same exact issue.

    If I import main menu it appears fine.

    If i try to add a new menu item to the menu and save it, it unchecks Theme Location Main.

    I can give you WP access if you wish.
    This is a brand new install of 3.9.1 with only your theme/child theme installed
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  • Is it possible to have 2 menues? I want one menu appear horisonatally and another (custom made) vertically at the same time!

    With best regards,
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    Please add it to to "suggestions", because I have now idea where such post could be...It's pretty time consuming to naviate in the support posts! #:-S
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    How do I add a horizental menu on one page an a vertical on another. Where do I set it up?

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    Hello, I have problem with the menu, because when i put the demo with horizontal main menu, when applied it becomes vertical and everything connected with the menu is deforming, the height of the menu bar is becoming the height of the whole vertical menu, and it is covering the header. Can someone help me to make the horizontal main menu to be horizontal not vertical. Also i noticed that every text content is also vertical on the whole page.  And everything is aligned to the left, and the logo that should be aligned in the central part of the page is left aligned and above the menu. The menu bar is horizontal but the text is vertical. And even the widgets that should be in same line are put vertically left aligned. 
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  • I'd like to create a secondary sectional menu (for distinct main sections of the site) to be located in a sidebar. The main menu would be horizontally located at the top. It seems this is possible as the default demo has one setup for the "Features" section. Is there documentation available for how this is done?
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  • Hi, how to insert icon beside each of the menu?
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  • @muffingroup great! got it thanks!
  • Hello,

    I've added the BeMarketing Demo content. Now I want to adjust it and to add a menu. But somehow the menu doesn't appear on the homepage.

    I've added pages, selected the position in theme as "Main Menu" and tried different Menu-Styles. But nothing happens. Looks like your theme is not adjustable. Is that possible?

    How do I add a menu to this demo?
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    No there is nothing to see until now. I have 1:1 the BeMarketing Demo content in there.

    I just started and my first step was adding a menu to the page. And I am not able to do this. Can you tell me how I add to an existing Demo-Content a Menu if there is no one like for example in the "BeMarketing" demo?

    Is that possible?
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  • How can I remove the search icon from my header? I feel it ruins the structure of the mobile menu in that it stretches the size of it leading to an unsightly look. I would appreciate your help with a fix option, thanks! See far right
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