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Some muffin builders questions

edited January 2015 in BeBuilder
main site http://defence.schron.pl/  trying to "translate" it to muffin builder / betheme http://arsenal.webd.pl/defence/

and encountered  some troubes

1 is there anyway to set up top image (where "schron" is ) to pint to mainpage on click just like original one ? had to use "Below Slider" header but cant set it clickable  

2 - muffin builder and revo slider - according to setting its centered ... - no way it works setting align to right or left works .. but centering .. align itto right ... 
LayerSlider WP wroks centered but lack some options ;/ 

3 back_to_top button - where totturn off ?

4 css to center menu ? and change submenu fontsize (options only allow to change top level font size)

5 how to make submenu blocks to be smaller/in one line without breaklines on longer phrases ?


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