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Archives and categories

edited January 2015 in Blog
Very good theme ! My customer can really edit pages and make it responsive ! It changed my life !

I noticed that templates for archives and categories do not work the same as the whole website. And that theme options do no work completly.

Template for archives (month) : generates a page with an article without title or link and lists articles at the bottom of the page, no sidebar.
Template for categories : same thing.

Theme options for blog not working : excerpt does not work (no excerpt at all), no translation for "do you like it", no way to customize easyly an article block.

For categories I found a workaround with mod_rewrite, redirection 301 on a self-crafted page with visual composer or muffin builder using "blog" object. But the slider blog object has no drop down list to choose a category (not user friendly for my customer). I redirect /category/<category_name>/ to blog-<category-name>/ and I must create a page for each category. Inconvenient is that I can't do it for categories without articles because muffin builder/visual composer blog object does not find empty categories.

But for archives, I did not find any workaround, so I cannot use both archives and calendar : it serves something no one can understand.

Take a look : => self-crafted page with blog object listing all articles, because default blog page is non intuitive redirected to a self crafted page so I can avoid this silly template
- non intuitive archive page : generating something unreadable and not intuitive => no sidebar, no link, no title, no excerpt but full article etc...

Have you got solution or suggestion I did not find in the documentation ?

Thanks a lot !


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  • 1. I mean that the default blog page declared on wordpress settings (settings / reading) displays the same thing as (an archive page) : no title, no excerpt, no link but at the bottom of the page. So I did a blog "page" with the visual builder blog object. Which is not simple for a common man !

    2. I wanted my pages to be redirected because betheme gives a bad default category display : no title, no link, no excerpt. So I choosed to modify .htaccess in order to do it with a page dedicated to each blog category. (I gave a solution to users having the same issue)

    3. This is an archive page listing articles in january 2015 : you can get it by clicking sidebar archive. Can you explain me what it prints out ^^ ? I can't understand what I see !
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  • edited January 2015
    Default wordpress generates a page that is displaying a list of articles : 
    - for each article : a title with a link to the article, an except, read more, a list of tags etc...
    - a featured image if available for each article with a link to the article
    - several articles under number limit fixed on wordpress options
    - navigation bar to navigate to other articles lists

    Default blog page and categories are displayed the same way like on websites I made like :
    which displays category "actualites" (containing all the blog articles) : title, link, excerpt

    Excuse my poor english ^^ 
    I just want to know how to fix thoose templates to get : 
    - sidebar like the whole website
    - articles displayed as commented above (title, link, excerpt)
    - formated featured image
    - no full article before the list of articles (at the bottom)

    And for the future (cause be sure I will make a lot of websites with betheme) I wished to ask you if it will be possible to customize it without manually editing templates !

    Thank you.
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  • edited January 2015
    Hi, thank your for answers.
    But I just did nothing special ! I did not change anything on templates after I updated it from envato market plugin. 

    Betheme 5.6 by Muffin group

    (did not update to 6.2 already)

    I made 2 modifications on your theme :
    - customized css for ul li lists (cause there is nothing for that on fonts options)
    - added a revolution slider on the header.php and used the layout 'below slider'

    I already rode the whole documentation, this is why I used blog object on a page instead of default blog or category page.

    Are there known bugs with wp supercache in rewrite mode ?
  • I can backup & update it for testing purposes.
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  • edited January 2015
    Removed cache, reinitialized .htaccess, updated to 6.2 version : same bug !

    Do you want me to test with another layout ?
  • test with "modern" header style : same bug
  • edited January 2015
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  • I made it work : the bug is that to make categories, archives work correctly you MUST define a blog web page in wordpress settings : otherwise neither blog nor categories nor archives will work correctly
  • edited January 2015
    still can't see sidebar in these documents :
    - articles list
    - categories articles list
    - archives list

    Still no excerpt !

    any idea ?

    <div class="post-excerpt"></div>
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  • Ok I finally understood how it works !  Thank you for support ! (What created confusion is only sidebar : I already had my own sidebar but I did not declare : left sidebar : finally the blog page is a kind of model/template for blog auto-generated pages like archives and categories)

    And what about missing excerpt ? 
    I set up 26 words for excerpt !
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  • no I removed super cache and custom .htaccess for testing, no cache atm ! TY for portfolio I need to customize it !
  • excerpt work with article grid btw. not with default blog page presentation (archives, categories, blog page)
  • edited January 2015
    Ok I found the issue. Because of visual editors betheme won't extract excerpt by its own. So You must manually add an excerpt section to each article.

    Is it why I can't have automatic excerpt ? 
    And if "yes", why my excerpt is not shortened to 26 words ?
    Why the object article grid does an automatic 26 words excerpt and not the blog page ?
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  • edited February 24
    I have problem to create text on category pages above the posted articles. I need this badly to make the website perfect for SEO.
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  • edited August 4
    But it is a standard feature I want to add. Cannot find where I add this code.

    the_archive_description( '<div class="taxonomy-description">', '' );

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