installing pre build website demos


When registering your license in version 20 and installing a pre build website can i install more than one should i not like it? or can i only install one once registered.  I.e. i'm not sure which demo i wish to use and may wish to change it if not suitable.

how would i reset the demo?



  • Hi,
    you can install any demo you like and how many times you like as long as you use one license on one domain.
  • Ok thats great 

    when i install a demo how do i clear it before installing another? Is there an easy way to reset?
  • When you click the pre-built website install then you will see a popup with database rest notice. Please read the notice below, because not all tables must be reset.
  • Ok Thanks
  • Hi 

    How can i install a prebuilt website style but without losing my website data.

    i.e. the website  content already exist which I need to keep, but i would like to change the style of the website to one of the betheme prebuilt website styles.

    All I need to keep is the pages and the actual custom content to avoid creating the site structure again.

  • HI,
    sorry but this is risky, the content may or may not be replaced. You can try, but this option was created for fresh installs. Please make a backup before you try.
  • edited October 2017

     I have tried and the data is wiped,   there must be a manual way of not wiping it.  it is surely in wp db not the theme. it would be good to know who its working so i can avoid the data being lost.  

    I would have thought it would be a consideration of the theme as people will always be looking to use the betheme as an upgrade to their existing websites too. not have to effectively start from scratch  this would effect majorly SEO,effect ranking and existing positions. 
    any thoughts or help to avoid this would be much appreciated.  A new site is not always required just a restyle.


  • This is rather not possible since the existing content is not being altered, you can only lose your widgets and thats it. Additionally the pages that already exist will not be imported with the pre-built website
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