Visual glitches over 1920px

I've written about it in the comments prior to buying this theme. When visiting demo sites with content formatted with masonry, layout breaks - containers are stretched to fit full screen width but images fail to do so. There are also certain images that have 1920px width and because of that they don't occupy full screen. I believe this is intentional, but it may be a problem in coming months (4k, 8k, etc.).

I've recorded a short to illustrate this issue:


  • Hi,

    of course this will work properly on larger screens like 4K or 8K but of course you must upload larger images like background or images in content. We also really wonder how your servers will handle such big images for those kind of screens. I bet that on most of your servers those images will be loading for few minutes what is not good. So basically everything is possible and the only limits are servers.
  • I see. What about images in masonry? Isn't it a matter of how WordPress generates mid-size images?
  • This should be ok as well if you will upload much larger images. But to be honest we did not tested it because we never heard that users use 4K or similar devices. We still got users who use Win XP so 4K screens are really far away from reality.
  • You're absolutely right. I was just curious about full-width layouts.
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