small bug in button shortcode used on woocommerce page

Hi, when I use the button shortcode on a woocommerce page, the text-color gets overwritten by the color of .woocommerce a.button.
It's because there is no !important after the color-property. The color of the icon is OK, because there you have an !important.


  • Hi,

    please send us url to page where you got this problem and we'll have a look.
    I have overridden it myself by targeting the .button-label
  • Sorry, it's the blue download button on that page
  • Ok, we see this button but we are not sure what is wrong. Do you want to change background and text colors for this button on single product pages only?
  • Hi, I make this button appear by using the shortcode button from betheme. The color of the textlabel (the class 'button_label'), that is set within the button-shortcode, gets overridden by the color set by woocommerce. that is because your php does not echo !important after setting the color for button-label. On a woocommerce page this gets overridden by woocommerce. On another page, maybe this is not a problem, but it is a problem on a woocommerce page. There is no problem for the class 'button_icon' on this page. There you set the !important.
  • WooCommerce have always own styles and usually even !important does not work. So if you want to change colors for this button on woocommerce page, you must use custom css and only then this will work as you want.
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