Link to other pages of products under a category not work


When i am opening a page of products under a category  the result is more than one page with a link of page number below the page. but when i click the link of page number 2, 3, so on the link does'nt work. I can not figure where is the problem, please help.

Thanks a lot,

This is the page what i mean.


  • Hi,

    in our opinion this is because of # links. We recommend to go to Settings > Reading section and change to default permalinks and click "Save changes". This should work because we do not see anything else wrong.
  • actually i am using default permalink in Common settings and Product permalink base
  • So this must be the problem because we do not see anything else. Please change to default links and then check if it works. You can also switch theme to default wordpress and you will see that you will get the same issue what means that this problem is not related with theme at all.
  • You right, is not a theme problem.. it works after i change the Permalink common settings to post name. Thanks anyway
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