nicescroll not behaving consistently on Firefox

The nicescroll scroll bar on rare occassions becomes unresponsive to the mouse-wheel up and down events even after the page is directly clicked on. Dragging the scrollbar and the keyboard up and down buttons continue to work.

I've only observed this occurring whenever I switch from my browser window to another window (another browser window, another program etc,) and then switch back after a few minutes.

One other member has observed this (see the comment section on ThemeForest)

Website visitors are likely to misconstrue my website as being frozen because of this bug.

I understand that I can disable nicescroll.


  • Hi,

    we checked this on few different computers and we did not met anything like that. So the problem must be definitely on your side only. Maybe browser or computer.
  • I've just reproduced the same potential bug in Chrome after leaving the browser window idol for about an hour.

    Not to worry. It may very well be local as you say but I'm sceptical due to the fact that it's cross-browser.

    I'm going to test the matter on other computers over the next day or two. I'll report back with my findings.

    Thanks for attempting to reproduce the issue.
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