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Youtube Doesnt Work

Hi again , almost finished with the site but just recently the youtube add on in muffin builder shows an error. Not sure why ? I added the links correctly.



  • And if you head over to the videos or blog page. I placed an image and video on one of the posts.

    It doesn't show in the blog page ? but individual posts it shows,, how?
  • 1.) For first problem it was a such a very simple thing to do that I can't get right , but after watching a youtube video I noticed what my problem was.

    >> The text for paste your youtube or vimeo id is too small > the underline you guys did for example


    Hope there should have been a more clear description or a warning not to put the entire url hehe.

    2.) I want images and videos to show up in the blog page, in individual posts it shows up/
  • Hi,

    1) As you mentioned, you should use VIDEO ID, not whole url :) And there is of course information next to this field. There is even underline part of text which shows what is VIDEO ID :)

    2) If you want to show VIDEO, then just put video for post (not both at the same time because if you have both, then image is priority always).
  • 3.) This is also an issue for me, my youtube videos are responsive but I can't get the actual height right. Some sizes show a "black" space. Any way to fix this? If not I'm cool with this.

    4.) In my blog page >

    http://wiggy.co/videos/ < how do you show the posts with images / videos in the latest posts ( videos ) page.

    It only shows in the single posts page and I didn't use any read more tags on the two posts.

  • 3) This is how videos works and it is not possible to remove this black space. This should be sorted on video's provider side.

    4) Did you selected posts page in Settings > Reading section or not?
  • Isee ok, so there's nothing wrong with the video I'll let them know.

    4.) I set it to full text , nothing happens. in Settings > Reading

    I also went to blog options excerpt length to 200 words, the images / and videos dont show. Only in their single posts.
  • So if this still won't work, please send us access to your dashboard on pm with explanation and we'll have a look on it.
  • Sent you a private message. Thanks
  • We already send you more details on pm. So if you have more questions related with this case, please reply on private message only. Thanks for understanding!
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