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Layout totally broken after update

edited November 2017 in Theme support

We'd like to keep all our themes updated so are attempting to update a client site, we tried it on a test server first as we were worried it would break the layout and it has done:

The current website:

The test website where we've updated to latest version of BeTheme

You can see how much the layout has messed up, we can easily sort the fonts as we just need to tweak the CSS but it's all the other bits.

We keep all CSS changes in the custom CSS bit. Can you advise what we can do?


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  • Hi. We've tried the plugins and cache but the layout is still broken. We can easily sort the fonts, it's to do with swapping servers (to the test server) and we just need to move the folders etc. It's more about the totally broken layout, the client needs the latest version updating but we can't do it as we're not sure why it's done this. Any ideas?
  • I'm just comparing the two websites - Live (old theme) and Test (Latest Theme).

    I'm looking at the 'Latest Vacancies' panel and in the CSS there is a whole section missing on the Test server. If I paste it in using Developer Tools, the layout gets fixed??

    Here is the style attribute with no CSS rules:


    Hers is the bit I'm pasting in from the Live site which fixes it:
        position: relative;
        left: -123.59375px;
        box-sizing: border-box;
        width: 1277px;
        padding-left: 123.59375px;
        padding-right: 133.40625px;

    Any idea why all this stuff is missing??
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  • Hi, we use UpdraftPlus which always works perfectly.
    I thought the same about the boxed layout, but definitely 'full width' selected.

    Just to summarise again:
    1. We duplicated the website from to in order to test out updating to the latest version of BeTheme before we do it on the live site.
    2. Everything worked perfectly, the website/layout was exactly duplicated.
    3. We updated Wordpress and all plugins and everything still looked the same.
    4. We updated BeTheme from 12.4 to 20.6.1 - The layout totally breaks.
    It's definitely the latest version of BeTheme that has caused the issue. We kept all CSS changes in the 'custom css' panel so I thought nothing would be affected with any theme updates.

    Have you got any other ideas?
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  • Hello,

    I have migrated the site using the Duplicator plugin, which worked fine.
    I then removed the current version of BeTheme via FTP and replaced it with the latest version.

    There are still a few problems with the site layout. The fonts aren't working, there is a white bar at the top of the site and there are strange lines in the testimonial section.

    See the current state of the website:

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