responsive instead of mobile version

Hi, how can I use responsive view, rather than mobile version.


  • Sorry but we don`t understand what you mean. As we see website works fine and we don`t see any problems. Responsive view is ok.
  • Well, I'll try to explain better. The default view on mobile is mobile site.
    It only contains of menu and contact form.
    I would like to get a full site view by default, as the theme is responsive and it looks great that way.

    Can I set this default view somehow?
  • This is not possible to setup it only for mobile. The only thing you can do is turn off responsive at all in Theme options > Getting started > General section.
  • Well if so, can I then somehow customize that mobile site view? As I can't find where it can be edited... and each and every page only shows the menu and the contact form - which I don't wan't to be shown...
  • Customize mobile site view? Sorry but if you ask if this is possible then probably you don`t know what for you ask. For that you probably need to edit about 10-15% of theme what will take probably few weeks. But if you want to do it, then you can start from responsive.css file and then files like functions/theme-shortcodes.php and other. But we do not recommend to do it because it is possible that theme will stop working.

    However with latest version we added options for section where you can choose if you want to show elements on mobile or not. You can choose which section should be visible on phones and which not. Maybe this wil help you a little.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Thank you for all your help, but somehow I think you misunderstood me, or I didnt' explain well enough.

    This is my default view on mobile phone:
    And I would like it to be like this:

    Can it be done?
  • Sorry but we still don`t understand as on 1st image is not what has been created by us. The second image looks like Be, but first not. So where did you get this first image? Because we really have no idea where this comes from.

    BTW The website you sent us, looks on mobile exactly as on 2nd screenshot.
  • At the bottom of a mobile site there is a button "View on a mobile site" - that's 1st view. 
    Well I don't know how I got it either, thought you had some idea ;)

    Thx anyway
  • Just wanted to tell you that the problem was with the plugin Jetpack... somehow it gave me a another mobile version. Problem solved
  • Ohh, so we have never heard about anything similar. But we're glad you fixed this problem already. Thanks for the information ;)
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