Where I can see the predetermined color palettes?

I have two questions:

1. If I select one of the 12 predetermine color palettes, where can I find the entire palette with the codes? I need to match my graphic design with it.
2. How can I create my own palette by clicking just one color? In Theme Forest says there is a 1 click skin generator but I can't find it.


  • Hi,
    There are a couple ways of settings colors in this theme:
    1. You can select a theme skin in theme options>colors>general, if you set a skin color then you will be not able to change any individual color later, only custom css will help.
    2. You can go to theme options>colors>content and set the theme color, it will change most of the colors like buttons, links etc. The rest of the colors you have to set individually.
    3. The colors in theme options>colors>shortcodes are mainly for builder items/shortcodes.

    Please know that not all colors are available to change in theme options, some have to be changed using custom CSS.
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