Blue Area at bottom of homepage behind the side view of the laptop

Where do I change the Blue Area at bottom homepage behind the side view of the laptop? Is it an image or can the color be changed somewhere? 


  • Hi,

    please make a screenshot of what you mean because we are not sure what you exactly mean.
  • I don't see a place to attach a file, so I'm sending you the URL. It is the dark blue background towards the bottom of the page just above the footer area. It has a laptop to the left.

  • This color can be setup in Section settings. Next time to send us screenshot please use external services like
  • I don't want to set it up. I want to change the color. I've looked at the page options on the homepage and I've looked at all the sections that came setup when I set up the theme with the demo data. There is no section there to make any changes to the dark blue area color or even a way to delete the laptop. There are all the other settings for making changes to the rest of the items in that area. How can I change or delete the laptop?

    I'm not a programmer, so in the future, please give more detailed instructions. Like click on this and go here and do this. 
  • Found it! It took me a few minutes to figure out that the section area was the none labeled bar above the other item bars.
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