Woocommerce plugin integration problem

I got a message from Woocommerce today, stating that the woocommerce template pages in the BE Theme were out dated and need this needed to be fixed.  I installed the current version of BE Theme.  However, when I click the button to install the woocommerce template pages they don't install, I have to create the pages using short codes and there is no shopping cart icon, no cart link and the account login(woocommerce) are not there.

I believe this is a problem with BE Theme and not Woocommerce, because Woocommerce works perfectly on another website I have, which uses a theme from another company.  I spent the better part of today installing and uninstalling the plugins and trying things on other websites to locate the problem.

What can be done to get the Woocommerce plugin to work with BE Them.

Another problem is, when using a leftside home page menu, the secondary menu for the top of the home page does not show up. Is there a way to fix this?


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