Issues with IE9

We're developing a site using BeTheme and it appears to be fine in all browsers except IE. We're testing using IE9 which your page states the theme is compatabile with.

Some of the issues we've noticed are:
Header breaks out of the grid and goes full width
Slider does not work
Some H2 titles are invisible
Photo Containers are invisible
Posts slider shows all posts rather than four at a time

You can view the site here:

Any help would be appreciated,


  • Hi Miles,

    we have tested this theme in IE9 and works fine for sure. We have already checked your website as well in IE9 and we did not noticed anything wrong so we really don't know what could be the issue on your side.
  • I think you fib

  • FIB? Can you explain what does it mean?
  • In EI9, we're having to manually import all stylesheets for all the plugins into the header of your theme for them to load. We've never had to do this with any other theme in the past. Do you have any idea what could be causing this issue?

    For example the CSS for Visual Composer, VC Add Ons, Revolution Slider and Image Hot Spot were all being ignored by IE9, which is what was causing a lot of the visual issue we were experiencing.
  • Also none of the Visual Composer row and block options are loading (Padding, Margins, Background Colours etc.) So we're having to recode a lot of this again in CSS.
  • To be honest we did not met with anything like that because we have checked this already on our demo side and all works fine. Maybe you should deactivate all plugins and then turn them ON one by one to check if one of them is the problem?
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