Scaling change happened to latest update on parallax setting

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Version 2.5 and earlier - was fine, there was minimal scaling of the background section setting on parallax setting
Version prior to 3.1 - the name changed by accident to something like "fixed" - no scaling, perfect.
3.1 - Now the new version has went back to a "parallax" setting on section background, replacing "fixed' and now is scaling the background images huge.

I literally have not changed the background image the whole time, so it went from perfect, perfect with a new name - fine, to tremendous upscaling the parallax background out of nowhere. - you can view 2 parallax images (the boat & the logos behind the counters on the home page)


  • We sorry for that parallax but with latest version this was broken and we already fixed it with latest version. And this will stay like it is now.

    But can you explain what is wrong with those parallax images now? Because as we see those images looks great and we don`t see any problems.
  • Previous to update it was not scaling.
    Image 1 - screen shot
    Image 2 - actual image being used for background.

    As you can see its scaling it up pretty massively; I created a post about 2 weeks ago asking for the parallax image size. So I guess what is the correct size? Because at 1920 or 1980 width, whichever it is, its being forced to massively scale and look blurry.
  • This is ofcourse happening to the boat image as well. Just used this image as an example
  • So basically - what size can I make the parallax image so that it does not scale upwards
  • Hmm, we see what you mean but we have no idea what could be the problem. We are not sure if we changed anything in this section case, but we got one idea. Please paste below css into Custom CSS section and let us know if this will do what you need:
    .home .section { background-size: auto; }
    Hope this will be the trick you need.
  • No effect - took out the custom css header as well just to verify.

    This is a fun one!
  • No effect because you use cache plugin! We tested it on our demo and also on your page and effect is. We tested in Firebug and background looks totally different with above css.
  • Hmm, removed w3 cache plugin completely - still does it. Wonder if it left a remnant.

  • You removed W3 total cache plugin but did you cleared cache folder as well? Because there is always cache folder on your FTP that got latest cached files. If this won`t help, then please send us access to your wp dashboard and we`ll have a look on it. Please also attach url to this topic on pm so we can know what for is access.
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