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Krav Maga Be Theme pre-built site not installing properly


On a multisite installation I am having a problem installing specifically the Krav Maga pre-built website. I am saying specifically, because I tryied to install several other prebuilt betheme site without any problem what so ever. It's only with the specific one I am having this problem. To elaborate, when I press install the theme installs but I never see the message Sucessful instllation ...etc Instead I get a blank screen. When I check my dashboard the theme is installed but with some faults i.e. when compared to the original demo the site installed lacks certain elements - photos.


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  • Hi, multisite and theme were installed before the pre-built site, that is 1st I installed the multisite 2ndly installed betheme and 3rdly  I installed  the pre-built site ...with that order. The plugin you mention is of no use to me as I did not migrate from another url to a new one.

    Furthermore just by comparing the url of  the 1st  photo in the home page which is:

    and the one found in media>library below:

    you can see the only difference  is  "sites/74/" ... if I use the last url the image will show properly. I could do this manually with the rest of the photos but my worry has to do with the fact that this abnormality maybe just the tip of the iceberg , as when I installed the pre-built site, I never got the prompt “Successful  Installation” instead I got just a blank page.  So my question to you is can you please check that the theme is fully imported so as to decide if I can start editing it?

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  • Unfortunately, it doesn't work as it should. For some reason the site only works under
    and not
    also it is evident that something is not quite right as visually there are issues like this below
    again I'm saying that above may not be a serious issue but it shows that for some reason the prebuilt site is not installed correctly. However, what is important to me is that the site works under and not as is the case now.
    Can you please assist with this issue?...
    p.s. In case I have to use again your migrate tool (which I have with no success) please tell me alsso the exact url's for Old Url and the one to be replaced New one.
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  • I am using version 4.9.1 but the issue still persists ....

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  • ok setting the Home page worked fine, but I cannot install betheme 20.7. Please keep in mind that I have a network installation. I can see from betheme>dashboard that the version I am running is 20.5.1 but I get NO wordpress notifications to update. I only see a button which says update 20.7.5 but when I press it, it guides me to the networdk dashboard where it says "Your themes are all up to date."So the real issue is how do I update betheme on a network installation?

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  • Unfortunatelly nothing happened with the check again button ....
    I there something I can do?


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  • I' ve sent you dashboard access as requested

    Theme: BeTheme Krav Maga

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  • Would like to know how you succeded updating the theme, but I have a much more serious problem now as the update broke someting ...the site is down and I get the following error message

     The theme directory "betheme/betheme" does not exist.

     On top of that, on the back end muffin builder has disappeared!! - On appearance> themes I get the message .."The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme."

    Check out below links

    Also note that theme was network disabled and I had to enable it.

    Keep in mind that this is a NETWORK installation.

    What now?

  • Actually what seems to be happening is that for some reason the update messed up the themes ...when I selected on appearance>themes the betheme (instead of that was selected) then the site worked...BUT on closer insection there were elements and settings miscongiguredor missing .... As you can understand I have no other option than to revert to yesterdays (6th Dec.) back-up...this means that I will be woorking again with the previous Betheme version, so the situation is not solved ...and I can not understand what went wrong?

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  • Excuse me you are offering me no solution ... 1st ...the Theme was working fine (except Krav maga) until you updated and second,  we did exactly same procedure like you (admin panel>clicked update) nut nothing happened ....

    But the main question remains ...what are my options?? Today (late afternoon mytime) backup  (2 days old) will replace current installation ... which means that I will still have the previous version of it's like we are in zero again ...Pls advise on how to proceeed...

  • Update,

    The only way left in order to update the theme was to do it
    through FTP and Not through dashboard. At first I tried the procedure exactly
    as described in BeTheme Documentation below …..

    “ If you haven`t
    changed any theme files, all you need to do to update your current version is
    to download the latest package from ThemeForest, unpack the files, and upload
    the new files on the server while replacing
    the old files by overwriting them. All your data is safe becausetheme file
    updates do not change anything in the database. It is still recommended to
    always make a backup of your files & database.”

    But that didn’t work, in the sense that pages that had
    already been created were running the previous version and only new ones  were ok.

    So then  I did not REPLACE
    but instead DELETED all theme files and then installed the latest version which
    I downloaded. This seems to have worked fine, until now I have found no bug and
    everything seems fine.

    So as a result I conclude that (despite what you have told
    me previously), dashboard update DOES NOT work an a network installation. The only
    way to update betheme in a network installation is by downloading the latest
    package from ThemeForest, then DELETING all  theme files on the server and finally uploading
    the new ones.

    Would like also to mention that until now I have found that,
    support, documentation and the theme itself, were all excellent BUT, the
    support I got for this particular issue is well BELOW what I’ve expected !



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