Layout issues with IconBoxes of different size


I have the following layout in order to create a product feature overview:
1/3 1/3 1/3
1/3 1/3 1/3
  1/2   1/2

In this case, the first IconBox (left-upper) is slightly (and I mean just about 20px) bigger in size than its right neighbour.
The first row is completely fine, but in the second row the first IconBox appears to be below the third of the first row.
The rest of all are spread around on various places, but there's absolutely no layout. It's just messed up.

I would strongly suggest that you change it, so that all items of one row have the same size as the biggest in this row, in order to keep the layout. I don't care if there's a bit more space between two rows, as long as all items are placed in one line, not spread around.

Or have I done something wrong?



  • edited July 2014

    we haven`t seen your website but we think that this happen because after each row you forgot about "Divider" item. Please use it after each row and all should be fine :)

    But if this won`t help, then we need url to your website so we can have a look on it.
  • Yep, I found this out a while later. I randomly saw the divider element and added it.
    I thought it would do this automatically ;)

    But thanks for the enlightenment :)
  • This can`t be automatically because different users got different needs and that`s why we must make theme with best purposes for all users :) And this is the reason why you need to use "Divider" item after each row if you need it.
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