Jumps during scrolling when Minimalistic Header is active


I noticed the following problem: When I activate the Minimalistic Header option and go to any page, scroll down a bit and the header changes to the fixed, small top bar, Firefox does a huge jump down. You automatically skim a lot of page content. You have to scroll up again, in order to see that stuff. If you do to much, another ugly jump appears.

I wouldn't need the minimalisitc header, but I don't want to see an image when the header is undocked. If I could set a solid color, it would be fine.
These jumps don't appear when minimalistic header is off.



  • Hi,

    please make a screenshot of what you mean and also attach url to your website so we can have a look on it because we don`t see anything similar on our demo website. So probably this happen only on your side and that`s why we need all those details.
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    Here. Sorry I had to remove the content as I don't want to show it off yet. My site is still WIP. Therefore I can't provide a link, as it's currently offline. If it's really required in order to help / find the bug, I'll give it to you in private, if possible.

    But yet you can see the problem. The first picture shows the position of the content when you're shortly before the point where the header changes. The second one shows the jump, as you can see the first row is the only row visible in the first picture, where it is relatively at the bottom while in the second nearly at the top.


  • But we really don`t see anything on above pictures. We have no idea what you mean because all looks fine.
  • image
    Maybe it's a bit clearer now what I mean. The marked arrow shows how far the page jumps down once the header gets attached.

    I'll write you a message with some credentials and the link to my site. Log-In and try it by yourself. I'm using Firefox 31.
  • We see what you mean, but as far as we know only "Nice scroll" will help you to eliminate this jump. Please turn on nice scroll in Theme options > Getting started > General section.
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    Is there no alternative? I disabled Nice Scroll because sometimes it hung. I'm not sure what has triggered this problem, but it randomly didn't scroll any further, until you reloaded the page.

    EDIT: And no, it didn't fix it :-/ Still a jump between...
  • So we don`t have any other solution because we didn`t noticed anything wrong. The only thing that should help you has been described above and nothing else can`t be done with that thing. Maybe the problem is on your browser side or maybe somewhere else but until we don`t get link to your page, we won`t be able to have a look on it.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • I already sent you guys a message with a link to my blog, haven't you seen it yet?
    Stupidly I forgot to mention that it was related to this thread.

    You will have to use the login data provided in the message, otherwise I can't show you my blog. It's still in maintenance mode, as I still wait for my webhoster to transfer my domain as well as the blog still doesn't work as expected (more or less because of this problem :D)
  • Where did you sent this message? Via contact form on our profile's page on TF or via this forum? Because on forum we did not get anything.
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