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Height of Nav?

I changed the height of the nav bar and now any background images or color of slides don't fill out the entire area there is a gap on top.

Also on the sub pages the sub menu is about 100px away from the main nav. .... I don't want to get rid of the sub header completly but want to shrink it way down just enough to house the bread crumbs.

Having hard time figuring this out.. have to change quite a bit of css just to shrink the height of the nav.

The fixed nav is the correct height but then I cant use the action bar.

Any help would be apprecitated or a way to change the height the the main nave and sub nav easier.. thank you..


  • So what exactly you want to do? Because as far as we know you got ton of custom css and now maybe it won't be possible. Also please provide us url to your website so we can have a look on it.

    I am just trying to shorten the height of the nav using the classic header... but found that I then started needing to change the margins and of the mena a link and everything. look like maybe a main container is showing through what I have shorten and the reason why it looks like i have a gap in the top of my slider?

  • I removed all the css for now to start over but basically want to shorting the height of the Nav bar in classic mode to be more like the height in the fix nav mode.

    I would use the fix nav but you cant use bar above it with phone number and email if you do.
  • Think I figured out.. need to add the container and colum one to the css

    .header-classic #Action_bar .container {

    .header-classic #Top_bar .container {

  • Ok. Thanks for the info!
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