Problem on a page with

I have a problem on a page ...
It is on the home page.
I create a page with five sections, each containing different shortcodes.
But now I can not edit any shortcode, when I click to make a change all disappears and I find myself on a normal WordPress page.

Someone already had this type of problem you?



  • Hi,

    you are not able to edit content because your server is limited. In this case you must contact with hosting administrator because max_post_size and max_input_vars variables should be increased.
  • Do you think it comes from my hosting?
    I deleted several shortcode to reduce the page but it does not change ...
    When I want to change a shortcode on my home page everything disappears ...
    This problem happens only on the home page, I have no problem on other pages ...
    you are sure that the problem is there?
  • I just solve the problem ...
    I added 1 shortcode "IconBox" and since I've deleted everything works normally ... It seems that the problem was the shortcode ... I do not know why?
  • WOW! This is is hard to believe that content inside shortcode could be the problem. Maybe something hanged for a while and started working. But we don't think this happened because of shortcode.
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