Please remove the Quick Facts numbers restrictions!


Sometimes I need to add "12,750" or "12 750" instead of just "12750", sometimes I just want to add some text & still have the quick facts UI.

But when I do, I get this:


I know it's PHP doing its thing, but can you please get rid of this restriction? I don't want to be tighten to numbers only!



  • Hi,

    this is not php unfortunately. This is javascript and unfortunately it is not possible to remove those restrictions because if we`ll do it then it won`t work as should be. It won`t be counted as this is math. This behavior is standard and if you want count it, then it must be like it`s now.

    However if you are sure that this can be modified then you can do it in js/script.js file and the code responsible for that we present below:
    /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
             * Animate Math [counter, quick_fact, etc.]
             * --------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
            $('.animate-math .number').waypoint({
                offset        : '100%',
                triggerOnce    : true,
                handler        : function(){
                    var el            = $(this);
                    var duration    = Math.floor((Math.random()*1000)+1000);
                    var to            = el.attr('data-to');

                    $({property:0}).animate({property:to}, {
                        duration    : duration,
                        easing        :'linear',
                        step        : function() {
                        complete    : function() {
    But we are sure that this can`t be modified at all.
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